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Children's Clothing, Accessories and Gifts
7 Highland Place, Maplewood Village, NJ


Customized Children's Clothes


7 Highland Place

Maplewood Village, New Jersey


Tel: 973.913.4655

Winter Hours

Tuesday -Wednesday: 11am - 5pm

Friday :  11am - 6pm

Saturday: 10am - 6pm

Closed Sunday & Mondays

Please call or email for details.

Ever go shopping and see something on the rack that caught your eye?


Something you really liked. But you wished it came with a little something that made it a bit more you? A bit more personal. A bit more unique. If you can relate to that, you'll relate to us.

We are super-excited to tell you that there's a new place for you to shop. It's called MOD Studio.  It's a unique and interactive shopping experience where you can personalize or customize your own style.


MOD Studio is a place to connect. To shop for clothes. To customize styles. To add trims, patches and more. And you get to do it live, at our Design Bar ®.    


It's a social gathering place where you can choose embellishments and trims to personalize your style.


MOD Studio is founded and owned by Anna Rulnick. Anna is a designer who got her start at any early age when she used to redesign her own clothes. She loved using what she wore to make her own personal and creative statements. This eventually led her to a successful career in the fashion industry as a Designer, Manager and Director for brands like Urban Outfitters, Sean John and Champion.  Now she is using her experience to create MOD Studio.

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