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DIY Halloween Costumes

Growing up in a frugal household, we made our own Halloween costumes. Some of my most memorable were the Statue of Liberty, a TV Set and a Bunch of Grapes.

I remember the one year I begged for a store-bought Woody Woodpecker costume, which my busy working Mom gave in and bought for me. I never even made it out of the house before the mass-produced piece started to fall apart. The elastic string that held on the mask broke and the plastic on the jumpsuit split at the shoulder seams.

For a 4 year old the humiliation was REAL! I never complained about making our own costumes again!

Here are My Tips for DIY’ing a Halloween Costume

1. Basics are your friend. I wore a black leotard and tights under my TV set costume and a turtleneck sweater (think Wisconsin in October) and bed sheets (as a toga) when I was Lady Liberty. Depending on the weather where you are, look for basics in the closet for the base of your creation.

2. Think outside the closet. You can do some cool things with saran wrap, trash bags and yarn. I used tinfoil around a basic headband for my Lady Liberty crown. Or you can hot glue rope and safety pin rolled up brown socks onto a red t-shirt or sweatshirt for spaghetti & meatballs. The TV set costume? A spray painted cardboard box with a hole cutout for the screen and a silver dial painted on the side. (Wait, do kids still know what a "TV dial" is?).

3. Spend $ on things that will be worn again. Unicorn horns are "in" right now, earmuffs never go out of style, and the preschool set will always love crowns. Plus, remember those basics I mentioned in #1? Basic t-shirts, leggings, sweat pants and sweat shirts are staples and will be worn again.

DIY Costume Finds at MOD Studio

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