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  • Anna R.

Behind the Scenes: Styling for the Red Carpet

Recently, I had the privilege of styling Joshua Satine for the red carpet premiere of his new movie, A Simple Favor, opening on September 14th!

We had so much fun working with Joshua and his family. Watching Joshua's personality come out and blossom when we got him into the outfit that he loved was my favorite part.

Joshua's a professional. He's a kid, but a professional. He was dutifully trying on all the clothes that we had ordered for him, trying to see what was going to be the right look for the event. When we put him in the jacket and the pants and the tee shirt all together he was the most comfortable... and the most happy. To me that was what closed the deal; there was no more discussion after that because he was shining! It was just so clear that that was what he was going to wear.

Being comfortable in your clothing is the most important thing when it comes to dressing for an event - be it a red carpet event like this one, a wedding, a business event or a casual night out with your friends.

So what did Joshua wear?

Jacket: Appaman Shawl Collar Blazer in Silver, available via special order, $108

Tee Shirt - Superism Landon Knit Tee, available in store or online, $24

Pants - Appaman Mod Suit Pant in black, available via special order, $62



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