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  • Anna R.

The Gift of Experience

My kids have a lot of stuff. I’m guessing your kids have a lot of stuff too. When December rolls around, I start to cringe due to all the stuff we have, and the anticipation of even MORE stuff when holiday season rolls around.

When I think back to my childhood, I don’t necessarily remember the stuff (well, except maybe my many Barbie dolls). But I DO remember experiences.

One of my stronger memories of gift-giving season was a gift I got for my fourth grade reading teacher. Her name was Mrs. Reider, and she was one of my favorites. If you too were a child of the 80’s, you may remember the t-shirt shops that were all over the malls. My friends and I saved up our allowance and went together to design her a t-shirt - it said “Our Favorite Reader.” (Get it?)

These days as a mom, I can appreciate how important experiences are not just for me, but for my children too. Occasionally, you may find me pulling my youngest daughter out of school for a special lunch together. She is always so excited and appreciative of having mommy all to herself - no phones, no places to go, and (most importantly) no big brother interrupting us. These mommy/daughter lunches are important to her as SHE gets to be the center of the attention, which doesn’t always happen when you grow up in a house with siblings.

This holiday season, as you buy the new ‘it’ toy, consider also giving the gift of experience. At our store, you can purchase a gift card for a future parent/child outing at our design bar where you can customize clothing, or to use during a good ‘ole shopping spree (retail therapy for all ages!) Your children may not remember the purchases, but I have a feeling they will remember the experience.

Happy holidays!

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